Professorship Miranda Schram

Dr Miranda Schram has been appointed as professor 'Diabetes epidemiology, particularly focused on Cardiovascular and Mental Health'. Her research aims to unravel the aetiology and impact of (pre)diabetes on cardiovascular and mental health making optimal use of population-based data, as collected within The Maastricht Study. This position provides an expansion of the alliance between CARIM, Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center and MHeNs, and strengthens collaborations between disciplines.

Making connections is key to her work. Aiming to improve our understanding of the causes and consequences of chronic diseases, Schram has founded the Netherlands Cohorts Consortium (NCC). This consortium brings together high quality longitudinal health data among over 400,000 Dutch adults across the Netherlands. To further stimulate this collaboration, Schram has accepted a part-time position at the Department of Epidemiology at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, where the Rotterdam Study is conducted. “I am excited to start these new positions and look forward to the teamwork and unprecedented research that will result from these new opportunities”, said Schram.

You are concordially invited to the inaugural lecture, which takes place at Friday 1 March at 16.30 hrs at the Minderbroedersberg 4-6 in Maastricht.