Blood coagulation, venous thrombosis & bleeding

The programme ‘Blood coagulation, venous thrombosis & bleeding’ encompasses research in the field of venous thrombosis, spanning the spectrum from molecular design and synthesis to therapy and epidemiology. Special attention is given to analysis of impairments of blood proteins in relation to thrombosis, bleeding and vascular calcification, and due to the very broad representation of disciplines from Division Blood (from chemical to clinical), implementation of curiosity-based findings in the clinic is stimulated and obvious.

More and more it is becoming clear that blood coagulation enzymes are not only involved in thrombosis and late stage thrombus generation as a result of instable atherosclerosis, but stand at the cradle of development and progression of atherosclerosis and complex arrythmias. Understanding pro- and anticoagulant regulatory pathways has now become essential beyond understandig thrombosis alone, but to the whole field of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, pertinent cross interactions of this programme with all other CARIM programmes exist, especially with ‘Atherosclerosis, arterial thrombosis and stroke’, ‘Regenerative and reconstructive cardiovascular medicine’ and ‘Complex Arrhythmias’.

  1. PI group Tilman Hackeng
  2. PI group Judith Cosemans
  3. PI group Monika Stoll
  4. PI group Hugo ten Cate
  5. PI group Iwan van der Horst